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HSNF is Warming Little Hearts

The Health Sciences North Foundation (HSNF) and Chip In For Charity working in collaboration to help bring better healthcare to friends, families and neighbours.

Your Dollars at Work (October 23, 2012)...More Information>

Schuster Boyd Macdonald Chip In for Charity (August 28, 2012)...More Information>

New Equipment at HSN Helps in Detection of Breast Cancer Thanks to HSN Foundation (February 13, 2012)...More Information >

Chip in for Charity Golf Tournament

Schuster Boyd McDonald has been a major sponsor and organizer of this event for the past 21 years. 
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Warm Hearts Palliative Caregivers Sudbury/Manitoulin 

Schuster Boyd McDonald strongly supports this initiative on an annual basis. 
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Ontario Introduces Bill to Professionalize Financial Advice








90% of your Retirement Income is from Investment Returns 

For those who believe that investment contributions during the working years constitute the bulk of retirement income, think again. New research suggests that up to 90% of a retiree’s income is generated by investment returns, 60% of which occurs after retirement, turning conventional retirement wisdom on its head. More Information >


Canada Credit Education Week 

It probably comes as no surprise...More Information >


Lack of Financial Education puts Retirement at Risk 

Employee's who fail to learn how to manage their own retirement investments, and companies increasingly placing this burden on their workers, are combining to open a gap of under-funded pension plans and needy seniors. More Information > 


Out of RRSP contribution room? 

Here are some options. More Information >


"The Five Laws of Wealth Creation" 

Successful business people manager their finances in a specific way...More Information >


Lessons from Wealthy Canadians 

Simple steps successful investors take in a framework called the “7 Habits of Wealthy Canadians”. More Information >


The Cardinal Rules of Investing 

The Cardinal Rules of Investing More Information >