Underwriting and Financing

Underwriting and Financing of Employee Benefits Plans

You know that two critical components of your employee benefits plan are the underwriting and financing of the plan. Our experts will guide you through the complexities of today's underwriting and financing of benefits plans to ensure that it suits your needs. From immediate cash flow issues to long term risk management we work with you to make your programs fit your goals and objectives.

Risk management and risk acceptance are not always clearly defined in employee benefits plans. What portion of employee benefits risk is your organization currently accepting? What is appropriate for your group? With more than 30 years experience in underwriting and financing of employee benefits plans our experts will design programs that suit your needs for now - and in the future.

Actuarial Services

The ever-increasing complexity of employee benefits financing and underwriting often requires actuarial review and sign off. Our actuarial services will provide your group with the security and certainty of knowing that your plan was designed and reviewed by experts in the field of employee benefits.